In the eastern part of Croatia, at the beginning of great Panonian valley, located is a town Šakovo. It is known as a city of bishops, and as a cross-road of east and west.


Exactly here, its place has taken a small idilic place Ivanovci, where are located production facilities of "Barna", production of habardashery, small private business founded in 1971.


That year was established a small business which was growing during the years and at the end of this century has become one of the leaders in production of wick for candles and grave candles, ropes of different profiles and usage in Croatia and abroad.


Secret of success is hiding in a fact that this is a small private family business, where the main leaders are the members of family Barna joined together with the idea of quality and tradition, what may see the ones who come into contact with these products.


With accordination that quality can be improved "Barna", production of habardashery in the new century is steping safelly building its quality on the newest maschines and equipment, using best materials for its products.


If you have any doubt in becoming our costumer and business partner, now is a real time for decidion, we maybe expensiver, but the quality and tradition is on our side.